• Introducing myself and Star Wars Miniatures?

    I missed the table at the org fair today, so I just joined here on the webpage. I am just starting here this fall and was interested in joining this group. I'm particularly interested to learn if anyone in this group ...
    Logan Anderson
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  • Super Smash Bros?

    I will be a freshman this year at MSOE, and I'm quite thrilled to be part of MAGE. I was just wondering if anyone in this group plays the fighting game Super Smash Bros? And if a Wii U with a copy of Smash 4 was neede...
    Kenneth Routheaux
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  • Introducucing myself

    Hi I am Dave and I will be starting this Fall in the MIS 2+2 program. I have been playing tabletop RPGs for over 30 years. I am also a anime Otaku currently watching K-ON!. I also play MTG but have been out the loop f...
    David Giffen
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  • Magic the Gathering?

    I have an understanding that there may be some in the club play MTG, and was hoping to get some insight on a couple of decks that I made with the MTG 2014 Deck Builder's Toolkit. I look forward to playing with others ...
    Michael Ottinger
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  • Hey everyone!

    Hey everyone! I just "joined" your group, and look forward to participating with you guys! I can't wait to hang out with all of you next year! Just wanted to say hi, as well as ask a question. Does anyone here play Wo...
    Michael Ottinger
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  • Concinnity XIV Flier Handout (Round 2)

    I will be needing a number of people to help pass out fliers this weekend.     The goal will be to get to as many of the games stores as possible.   Please fill out the form bellow if you have some fr...
    Karl Schmidbauer
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  • Weekly MAGE Events

    MAGE has events that happen almost every day. Every event is open to anybody who may be interested   Mondays MAGE Meetings in the Student Org Conference Room at Noon Sci-Fi Night from 7:00-9:00pm in cc46 "Slid...
    Emily Savela
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  • Dr. Farrow's Aerospace at MSOE Page

    For those who made it to the "Working with NASA" Presentation on Monday, and for those who missed the opportunity to attend, here is a link to Dr. Farrow's Hub group "Aerospace at MSOE."   This is a great group ...
    Emily Savela
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  • MAGE - Minecraft

    Hello MAGE I am a new freshmen here at MSOE and am interested in joining MAGE.  One game I particularly enjoy, especially within a great community is Minecraft.  During welcome week I have met a few other f...
    Jacob Walesa
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