• Amateur  Radio Emergency Preparedness Activity Day

    Amateur Radio Field Day, this year on June 28-29, is an annual national event, a contest of emergency preparedness -- Amateur stations will try to communicate with as many stations as possible from a set-up in the "Fi...
    Hans Schroeder
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  • Meeting dates and time

    I am interested in getting involved in this group as a faculty member.  My background is in RF/Microwave/Radar/Antennas and I would like to contribute to this group.  When and where are meetings typically...
    Steve Holland
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  • ARRL at 100: A Century of Ham Radio

    The ARRL was conceived in the year 1814.  This year they are celebrating 100 years of service to the amateur radio community. Without them, amateur radio as we know it today would not exist. See the excellent v...
    Richard Phillips
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  • MSOE Amateur Radio Club History

    A short history of the W9HHX Amateur Radio Club.  One of the oldest clubs on campus.
    Richard Phillips
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  • NA Collegiate ARC Championship 2013

    Last weekend the MSOE Amateur Radio Club put MSOE on the map by participating in a North American amateur radio contest.  The object of the contest was to make as many contacts with other amateur radio operators ...
    Richard Phillips
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  • Volunteer Work as a Club

    Over the break, I was at home in Ft. Worth, Texas, where I met up with the Hurst Amateur Radio Club (W5HRC). It was very interesting to see how other ham clubs operate. The club consists of mostly older men, almost al...
    Adam Meek
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  • School Club Roundup

    The February 2014 School Club Roundup contest is coming up. The starting date is Monday, February 10 at 6:00 AM local and ending date is Friday, February 14 at 5:59 PM local.  The rules can be found at: www.ar...
    Richard Phillips
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  • Cheap HTs

    It was nice to see everyone at the meeting today, it's very cool to have so many new members. Some people expressed interest in the small HT I brought along with me. It is a Baofeng UV-3R. It can be had on Amazon for ...
    Jake Kremer
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  • How To Attract New Members

    Amateur radio is a high tech hobby with many facets.  I think the average uninformed person thinks it is an outdated method of communication using Morse code and smoke signals.  This couldn't be further from...
    Richard Phillips
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