• Graduation Tickets Needed

    Do you have extra graduation tickets? Contact me with the number you have available and the price you are hoping to get. Thank you!
    Joseph Contreras
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  • Looking for Software Engineer Part Time.

    Hello,   I run a small part time software development company that is potentially on the way up. I'm looking for a software engineer, or any other major with java or preferably .NET software experience. The work...
    Collin Matthews
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  • Girl Scout Cookies $3.75/box

    St. Patrick's Day is almost here and you're in luck. Our friends the Girl Scouts are going to be on our MSOE campus in the 3rd floor CC commons on Monday, 3/16 from 5:15pm - 7:30pm. That means that you could have a ni...
    Sarah Rowell
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  • 2000 Dodge Neon For Sale

    Im selling my 2000 Dodge Neon. Its a base model with the 4 cylinder 2.0L (maybe 2.2L, cant remember). Its a 5 speed manual with 110000 miles. AC and heat work great, it has new tires all around. I get 27mpg city and 3...
    Andrew Trzeciak
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  • I need 2 more graduation tickets

    Willing to pay money for them.   Please Please Please let me know if you have any extras!   loftuss@msoe.edu 414-460-0815
    Scott Loftus
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  • WTB graduation passes (about 6)

    Hi guys, I need some extra graduation passes for the Spring 2014 for family flying over to US. Please let me know if you have any quantity of extra passes to give away or sell. My contact information is prasadn@msoe....
    Nikhil Prasad
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  • Looking for Graduation Tickets

    Hey Everyone! I have family planning to travel for Graduation and I am in dire need of extra tickets.  If anyone has tickets they are willing to part with, please contact me.  Thanks!   Chris (224-500...
    Christopher Smith
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  • Graduation Tickets

    Hello I was wondering if anyone has 3 extra Graduation tickets for the spring? Thanks
    Diane Jorgenson
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  • Need to borrow/buy used phone with unlocked SIM asap

    Friend broke his Tmobile smartphone and needs a used phone he can borrow asap for a few days until it is fixed/replaced. Possibly willing to buy for good price. Anything that takes tmobile or is unlocked.  Anyt...
    Jeff Hanson
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