• Lost Green 5 Subject Notebook

    Between Monday (10/21) and Tuesday (10/22) I noticed that I was missing my green Thermodynamics notebook. If anyone sees it around campus, please contact me via email or 715-370-4861. Thanks!
    Megan Kroll
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  • LOST lunchbox

    I left my red and black lunchbox in a classroom this week on Tuesday (I believe either L-305 or S-358). If anyone finds it, please call or text me at 920-574-0093. Thanks!
    Stephen Avery
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  • LOST Disc Golf Bag

    Last Wednesday, I lost a bag full of Disc Golf Discs on campus. They all have names and phone numbers on them, so if you find them, please contact me. Thanks!
    Brandon Shea
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  • I need 2 more graduation tickets

    Willing to pay money for them.   Please Please Please let me know if you have any extras!   loftuss@msoe.edu 414-460-0815
    Scott Loftus
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  • Need to borrow/buy used phone with unlocked SIM asap

    Friend broke his Tmobile smartphone and needs a used phone he can borrow asap for a few days until it is fixed/replaced. Possibly willing to buy for good price. Anything that takes tmobile or is unlocked.  Anyt...
    Jeff Hanson
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