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TEDx event at MSOE

Chaitanya Kulkarni

Can we organize a TEDx event at MSOE? 

How many people would like to see such an event being held at MSOE?

If organized, which speakers would you like to invite?


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    Mark Hamby

    I would love to see a TEDx event here at MSOE!!



    A) the link provided, when clicked, just takes  you to the HUB home. I needed to copy and paste it in a new tab to check it out, fyi.


    B) I know you posed this question 2 weeks ago, but I just saw it and will need time to look into speaker options. I am sure there are thousands of potential awesome speakers!

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      Chaitanya Kulkarni

      Thanks for informing about the link Mark, I don't know why it's doing that and how I can edit it to make it work as it should.

      And yeah I too would love to see a TEDx event at MSOE and yes there are thousands of brilliant people we can call for this event - it would be good to know from students which speakers they would like to have.

      I hope the MSOE administration likes this idea and gives it a thought.

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    Mollie Zuberbier

    Sounds like a great idea! Maybe one of the directors from big events around Milwaukee, like Summerfest? I think that would be really cool!

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    JoEllen Burdue

    MSOE helped sponsor a TEDx event in Milwaukee this Spring, but it was off campus.  Dr. David Howell was involved in the event, and might be a good person to talk to.

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    David Howell

    Yes, the office of Servant-Leadership worked with one of our Brady Foundation grants to enable a group of students taking a course in Project Management to facilitate the event. You can check it out at http://www.ted.com/tedx/events/6556.


    We are talking about helping coordinate another TEDx event. We aren't as interested in hosting an event on campus as we are interested in hosting one in the inner-city (well, the MLK Business District)--as a way of providing greater visibility to parts of Milwaukee that need it. That's not to say that MSOE wouldn't benefit from such visibility.

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      Chaning Ogden

      David Howell, let me know if there is any way I might be able to assist. I was pretty active in NEWaukee recently and was involved in discussions of TEDx in MKE.


      I know this post is from October, but felt I would poke the fire incase the idea hasn't been acted on as of yet.

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    Gerald Soriano

    If we could get Sir Ken Robinson (How School Kills Creativity) to come down that would be awesome! I really liked his talk.