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"Apply2MSOE" app hosed?

Kent Maly
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I just created a Hub account, and am trying to apply for a certificate, but can't even get past the first page of the app.  For some reason it doesn't like my birthdate, even though I clearly entered it in MM/DD/YYYY format.


Anyone have any ideas?



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    Kent Maly

    ...oh, yeah, and the "support@msoe.edu" e-mail address doesn't work.

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    Kayla Uniewski

    I am having problems with it now too. My name is clearly typed in on the last page but for some reason it keeps saying that I need to confirm my first name?


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      David Walsh

      Hi Kayla,


      Oh no!  I'm sorry that you were unable to submit your application! 


      I've seen the same exact same error message when a user's last name on the first screen doesn't match the last name on the last screen.  My recommendation is to go the "Step 1: Basic" (outlined in red in the screenshot) page and confirm that there isn't an extra space after your last name.  An easy way to do this is to just delete whatever is in the box and re-type it.  Once you confirm this, go back to the "Review & Submit" screen and re-enter your last name. 

      Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 9.07.53 PM.png


      Give that a shot and let me know if you are still experiencing the issue.  I'll keep my eye on the thread to make sure you're able to successfully submit.




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      Kip Kussman

      HI Kayla-


      Dave is totally right. We are actually adding a note to the app to let students know that they must enter their name the same in both fields.  Please let me know if you are still having problems.