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Application status?

Dylan Kuchcinski
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Is there a way to check if the MSOE office of admissions has received my transcript and ACT scores?

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    Elle Meinholz

    Hey Dylan!


    From the looks of it, I do not think we have received your scores or transcripts just yet. Your Admission Counselor Rachael McFarlane will be able to help you any further questions.





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    Rachael McFarlane

    Hi Dylan!


    Thank you for following up on your application to MSOE. Currently I do have your online application on file but it appears that we're still waiting for your official high school transcript and ACT score to arrive. Once those documents are received I'll have everything I need to review your application and inform you of your status. You can always connect with me to verify what documents have come in, otherwise you should be able to view that on your personal tracker bar through Bridge. I hope this is helpful Dylan and I look forward to working with you this year. I'll be in touch again once your file is complete. Thanks again and please let me know if you have any additional questions - I'm happy to help!


    Have a great day and I'll watch for your documents.


    ~ Rachael