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No SUB Meeting Tonight - Election Update!

MSOE Student Union Board (SUB)

There will NOT be a SUB meeting this week!!

  1. Next week we will be talking a lot about elections! Nominations for positions begin NOW!

Some things you might need to know:

  • The positions available are: President, Vice President, Secretary, Publicity Director, Campus Representative, and Treasurer.
  • A person can be nominated for more than one position (but can only be elected for one!)
  • The person nominated must accept the nomination to be put on the ballot.
  • Please send your nominations to Kash at engineerk@msoe.edu.
  • All other rules and regulations concerning nominations will be brought up at next week’s meeting! (but if you have any questions before that feel free to email me!)


I hope to see everyone tomorrow at the Comedy Show!!





  1. P.S.

Below are the descriptions for each position according to our constitution:



  • Preside over weekly SUB meetings and Executive Board meetings
  • Create any committees and oversee the appointment to these committees
  • Be an officio of all committees within the organization
  • Remain in regular contact with the SUB Advisor
  • Oversee all organizational business and paperwork required for the organization



Vice President

  • Preside over SUB meetings when the President is unable to attend
  • Prepare and distribute weekly meeting agendas
  • Oversee the assessment and upkeep of the SUB office




  • Record minutes at SUB meetings and distribute to the SUB email list
  • Oversee the SUB email list
  • Oversee the SUB member contact information list
  • Oversee SUB member attendance records for meetings and events
  • Notify members via email list of any issue requiring a vote prior to the meeting when the voting shall occur



Publicity Director

  • Develop and organize a publicity plan for every SUB event
  • Oversee the completion of each publicity plan
  • Oversee the distribution of SUB publicity emails to the Events email list
  • Maintain an archive for all publicity created for SUB
  • Oversee the upkeep of the SUB webpage



Campus Representative

  • Inform SUB members of campus activities at weekly meetings
  • Act as a liaison between SUB and SGA and give SUB members an update of SGA proceedings
  • Oversee SUB participation at campus open houses and other member recruitment events (President Picnic, Campus and Community Fair, etc.)
  • Develop and promote communication with other MSOE organizations




  • Maintain a record of the SUB funds and expenditures
  • Formulate the annual SUB budget
  • Oversee any voting required for SUB expenditures
  • Be prepared to give funds/expenditures updates at weekly meetings