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Did you know that MSOE offers Three Degrees and Two International Experiences??

Josiebel Sambolin


Are you interested in  International Business


Are you interested in Marketing and Export Management ?

How about studying in Germany for a year or participating in  Doing Business with China program?



Three Degrees and Two International Experiences

Read all about it!click here.jpg

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    Josiebel Sambolin

    Our own Esl Department Student Worker Mohammed participated in the program and loved it!  Stay tuned for more information! ESL-Students

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      Mohammed Albulayhi

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      I had a chance to take Doing Business with China program. This program consists two parts: The Domestic Course (MG8042a) and The International Course (MG8042b). The Domestic Course is a prerequisite for the International Course, the trip itself.

      The reason why I decided to take Doing Business with China class is that all my career goals involve international business in some capacity, and in order to be an attractive prospective employee to multinational firms, I need relevant job experience to help me stand out from other applicants.  Additionally, the firsthand international business experience this study abroad program offers will also help me to realize my future career goals.  Due to the fact that China is one of the key players in the global business market, I wanted to utilize every opportunity possible to learn more about this nation and specifically Chinese business practices, values, and expectations.  Although I had read about the differences between American and business cultures in class, this study abroad program has provided me with real world experience and the opportunity to apply the theories I have spent countless classroom hours learning.

      In China, we visited many corporations’ sites, which taught me more about marketing strategies, distinct global operating strategies, and the role of the leader in China.  Additionally, we did library project, which cultivates a frame of mind for international servant leadership.  The project taught me how to serve and use the power honestly, and taught me to take the time to care about others.  Also, we visited many culture sites, which taught me a bit about Chinese history and culture. It is amazing and definitely worth going through.  I enjoyed listening to the stories behind the walls, and the culture I feel when being there is amazing.

      Overall, the trip was awesome, and it is the best trip in my life.  I'm so glad I did and had this great opportunity.  China is a great beautiful country.  My experience and knowledge in china was fascinating and most interesting experience of my life.  I learned about doing business with China and had explored the culture, history, politics and the role of the leader in China.

      Indeed, for an international student, you will know that you have successfully achieved you learning goals and objectives when you return home from the study abroad program in both China and the US.  I believe that my work ethic and desire to excel in this program will translate into academic success and strong marks from my program advisor.  I therefore strongly recommend international students take this program.

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