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AAS-EET to BSEE Transfer Plan

Matthew Anderson

I still have a few semesters left in my Electrical Engineering Technology program, my question is can I take the 3 quarter sequence of Physics at MSOE or is it mandatory that I take at least the first class in order to get accepted into the AAS-EET to BSEE program?

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    Judy Prest

    It is important to follow the the required path in order to receive your associates degree from your technical college, but it is not mandatory that you have your associates degree to get accepted into the Electrical Engineering Transfer program.  What is mandatory to get into the transfer program is that you have a CumGPA of 3.0 and you have completed ALL of the bridge courses that are associated with that program.  The best way to get answers to your questions is to attend an Open House!! You can get more info about this at www.msoe.edu/visit-msoe.  Scroll down to the Open House and register online!!


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