Kelsey Murzyn posted 6 months ago
Accepted Student Day made me so excited that MSOE is where I'll be next year.


  • Rachael McFarlane

    Rachael McFarlane 6 months ago

    Yay Kelsey!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed your time at MSOE yesterday. It was wonderful having you on campus and we look forward to seeing you as an official MSOE student this fall! Have a GREAT weekend! 
  • Frederick Berry

    Frederick Berry 6 months ago

    Thank You and Great News!
  • Mandy Runnalls

    Mandy Runnalls 6 months ago

    It was great to meet you guys and I'm glad you had fun!  Look forward to seeing you on campus more in the fall :)
  • Elle Meinholz

    Elle Meinholz 6 months ago

    Kelsey that is awesome to hear! Congratulations :)