Christopher Raebel posted 2 years ago
OK HUB peeps...does anyone know how to use the hub to make their own personal web page?  I thought I heard today that it's possible, but I'm over 40 and I don't understand technology newer than the rotary phone...


  • Frederick Berry

    Frederick Berry 2 years ago

    I can help.
  • Mary Spencer

    Mary Spencer 2 years ago

    I’m even older-soooo. But the average faculty and staff age here at MSOE is probably 40ish.  Perhaps a mini workshop/in-service each focusing on the various features and applications of the HUB is in order?




    Mary Spencer, '82, MSN, EdD(ABD)

    MSOE Director, Career Services



  • Dana Grennier

    Dana Grennier 2 years ago

    Sessions will be held to show possibilities, we just need a little time for things to settle.  Examples can be found through groups, which is how I would recommend faculty web pages be set up.  If you check out the Information Technology Department they are doing a great job of figuring possibilities too.