• School of Nursing

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  • Nursing Honor Society

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    The MSOE Nursing Honor Society is an academic organization that aims to recognize the excellence of the academic performance by students who are actively in the pursuit of practicing the nursing profession. The organization arranges educational events to enhance the members' knowledge of the nurs...
  • Counseling Services HDW Group

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    Welcome:) We’ll keep you informed about Counseling Services’ Health, Development and Wellness (HDW) programs. Our HDW programs are interactive and frequently held during free hours. The programs focus on personal growth and development. We look forward to seeing you. We’ll also post interest...
  • Accelerated Second Degree-Bachelor's of Science (ASD-BSN) Nursing Program

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    This group is a communication site for the students in the Accelerated Second Degree Nursing Program.
  • School of Nursing Curriculum Committee

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    This group is used to communicate and share information from the School of Nursing (SON) Curriculum Committee to the nursing student body and nursing faculty. The purpose of the Curriculum Committee is to systematically review and evaluate curricular components of the nursing curriculum and propo...
  • Simulation Based Learning (SBL)

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    This group provides a discussion and communication vehicle for faculty to discuss simulation-based learning as an educational strategy. This group is for SON nurse educators using the simulation lab. Discussions can focus on strategies that you want to share - those that worked well and those tha...