Ashley Hicks posted 2 years ago
Hey all!!! I am new to Milwaukee and am trying to find out what kind of fun is to be had in this city!? If anybody knows of some good food joints to try out or just a sweet place to hang out and meet some good ppl...please fill me in!! It would be much appreciated! I've been fly'n solo status in my apartment for what seems like the longest 4days of my life. :)


  • Ashley Hicks

    Ashley Hicks 2 years ago

    Awesome!! Just what I was looking for! Thank you
  • Jen Haro

    Jen Haro 2 years ago

    If you're looking to get out and about, seeing Milwaukee from the river-view is pretty awesome. Check out Milwaukee Kayak Company on South Water Street and my great friend, Beth, can get you headed out to see the sights from the water!
  • Ashley Hicks

    Ashley Hicks 2 years ago

    Awesome thank you Jen!!
  • John Klehm

    John Klehm 2 years ago

    Just follow anything posted here and you'll be busy for quite sometime:
  • Jake Bradley

    Jake Bradley 2 years ago

    Also definitely be sure to enjoy the lakefront while it's still nice out.. it's definitely one of my favorite spots and close to campus! 
  • Ashley Hicks

    Ashley Hicks 2 years ago

    I'm finding great things to check out! This city has plenty to keep me busy! Thank you!!