• Bloggin' for your noggin' - Start the year off right

    So you're starting another year of school - you've got new notebooks and pencils, maybe a few new outfits, but did you tuck a new study strategy into your backpack, too? Now's the time. The beginning of a new school...
    Sarah Rowell
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  • Are you a surface, strategic, or deep learner?

    In his book What the Best College Students Do, historian and educator Ken Bain discusses three approaches to learning: surface learning (doing just enough to get by and avoid failure), strategic learning (focusing mos...
    Lisa Rivero
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  • Balancing Life & Work

    Sometimes college students don't think about how they need to balance work & life activities. We need jobs, internships, etc; but we also need to remember to slow down every once in a while. SWE's Region H section...
    Nancy Tanaka
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  • 1st Blog

    This is Shannon's Blog!
    Shannon Larson
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