Exams stress, is like all other stresses. Thoughts like do I read enough? What if I fail in exam? What question will be in exam? These are the thinking which came in mind and make your behavior irritable and desperate. In reaction you are not able to sleep well, don’t take your meal on time, feels terrible and sometimes panicky. Here are some natural ideas to deal with exams stress.


1: Make A Plan.
Time is a key factor in every success story. In that case you have to also make a plan. You have to revise your daily routine and have to make a timetable that how many hours you have to study and how many hours you will give to other essentials of life. When you will find the way, how to manage your time then you can modify your hard work & struggle straight to the success. So keep in mind that time is the most precious thing and you have to manage it for you exams.
2: Prepare For Exams.
Be preparing for upcoming examination session and keep an eye on important things likes all of your notes, books, thesis and all other necessary things which can help you in exam. Then take a look to exam format, numbering format (calculation of numbers in exam) if you don’t know then ask your teacher or a friend or go to boards website which always give a marks chart. This can be helpful to reduce A level stress.
3: Take A Break.
we often read in different places that Psychologists says that human brain can concentrate for maximum 45 minutes on one point after that neuroscientists suggest that how longer we will try to focus on one point the less our brain will work with it effectively. Always take a break to refresh yourself. Rather than revising lessons and stressing about how to get rid of exams stress you have to do something completely different then your study like think about some chill moments with friends on a beautiful place, think about some good memories etc
4: Avoid Stimulants.
Never get stimulants like too much coffee, cigarette, alcohol, or anything ells like this after doing something like this you can get a look of a person who is fighting against stress but nothing good in yourself even these things will make you down and over-stimulant. These kinds of things are never being helpful in any case of avoiding stress.

5: Eat & Drink Well.
Keep your body healthy and hydrated in these days because there will be lots of burden of work on your body and mind and in that case if you will not get a good meal or will avoid the needs of your body then you will definitely make your body down and will put your body in a deep trouble.
6: Relaxation.
If you are feeling annoying or disturbed then go get a place where is no one and take a deep breath and think about the upcoming time and think what you can do with it and lot more ideas will came in mind that how to deal with this trouble (don’t think that exams are trouble think that your negative attitude is the real trouble for you for the exams).
7: Talk To Someone About It.
you are not the only one in the word or you institute who is getting exams stress there will be lot more you have to express your problem with him, talk to a family member, ask your friend, or get some help from your teachers definitely you will get some good ideas and helpful material.

There are many ideas to avoid exam stress but due to lake of time some of them are mentioned above when I will get time I will write more about the ideas to avoid exams stress. May you will like my effort and work for the students.

Hey I also want to break news too that BISE Lahore matric result 2014 is just going to announce and the students are waiting for the result eagerly there are thousand of the students who are registered through BISE Lahore and praying for good result so the kids have to keep in mind that you hard work will not be wasted you will get result of your hard Lahore board matric result is very important for students of Lahore because it is the step where students step forward to professional education life and if they get a failure then it is very painful for them, well all my prayers are with those students may you get all good marks.