darain alqashan posted 1 year ago
I want to be a freshman not a transfer international student


  • Davinci Wallace

    Davinci Wallace 1 year ago

    You should talk to Liang Shen, he should be able to help you. 
  • Mark Anderson

    Mark Anderson 1 year ago

    Hi Darain,
      We already spoke by email, so we will take care of the application for you as a freshman.
    Let me know if you have other questions.
  • darain alqashan

    darain alqashan 1 year ago

    Yes please, i would like to access to see the status. Like whats the step

    after applying?

    To track my application and see what is missing and whats not.

    How to do so?

    Thanks mark for your hard work and instant responses i appreciate that.