Brian Janus
Really in the mood to go to Denver. Who's coming with?
Brian Janus
Looking forward to competing at the ASCE competition this weekend :) it will be a nice break from classes!
Brian Janus
I found a very interesting article about the severe damage a single heavy truck can do to highway infrastructure! Check it out, you'll be surprised civil_engineering transportation caecm  …
Brian Janus
Looking forward to meeting some accepted students tomorrow! Let me know if you have any questions about civil_engineering, cross-country, or track. I'll be around for lunch to give some student feedback!
Reney Bagnall
I am having troubles getting my email on my phone. I had it set up on my android but can't get to work on my iPhone. I deleted the account and now I don't remember how to get it back on.
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Chava Suresh Babu
hi i am newly applying for this university.could please help to get i20
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