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Over the holiday break, my family went cross-country skiing north of Wausau. The cabin we stayed at was pretty far out there, so far out there that (much to my chagrin) we had no phone or internet access. But this "lack of contact" with the rest of the world ended up becoming an asset, simply because I (and my wife and kids) could not constantly check our iPhones for Facebook, texts and email updates.

The lodge that was adjacent to the cabin we rented had a sign above the kitchen: "Because Nice Matters." That sign resonated with my daughter, how it's not hard to find nice people when you're that far off the grid. We then had some great conversations about why it is that we lose the ability to be nice in our urban environments and demanding lifestyles.

So, this is the message I'd like to share with you all today: let's be nice. Let's be considerate. Let's help meet our own needs by helping meet the needs of others. Because nice matters.