The other day, Alex Folz (who will soon graduate) handed out nutritional smoothies to students in the CC Building. All together, his group handed out 100 samples and informational brochures--and received mostly positive responses. This initiative was the result of a project Alex and some of his classmates did in Dr. Anne Marie Nickel's chemistry class; part of the course curriculum focused on nutrition as it relates to chemistry. Earlier in the term, I was invited to the class and participated in a demonstration--a "shake off." Dr. Nickel and I both made nutritious shakes for the class and handed out samples, all the while discussing the direct connection between good nutrition and academic performance. I'm not sure what Dr. Nickel puts her her shake, but most mornings I start the day by blending some spinach, whey protein, half a banana, some frozen (non-tropical) fruit, and water. Mix it up in the blender for about a minute, and you have a delicious, portable breakfast.

It was great to see Alex and his classmates take this presentation and re-purpose it for the student body. Thanks to the office of Servant-Leadership for sponsoring the event.

Smoothie Sampling.JPG