I've ridden motorcycles ever since I was eleven years old. I was raised on dirt bikes and used to rip up the logging roads of central Washington state. On my sixteenth birthday, I got my drivers license--and the next day, I got my motorcycle endorsement. The first motorcycle I ever bought new was a Harley Sportster; I eventually wrecked it and sold the scrap to buy my girlfriend an engagement ring. In my last year of doctoral coursework, I took out an extra student loan to buy a 1985 BMW K100. I rode that bike for years until I ended up commuting to work for 3 hours a day, at which time I bought a BMW R1100RT. I put 70,000 miles on that bike before my mechanic stripped the transmission fluid drain plug, making it impossible to ever replace the transmission fluid again--so I traded the bike in on a BMW K1200RS.

I still own that bike. I bought it in 2001. I rode it up and down the west coast--from San Fransisco to northern British Columbia. I've taken it camping in Oregon countless times. And when I moved out here to Wisconsin, I left the bike in my friend's garage, back in Washington state, so I could fly out there once or twice a year and go for long weekend rides with my motorcycle buddies.

But now those buddies of mine have sold their bikes, so I put mine on the market. You can view the advertisement at Ride West BMW Motorcycles.

The question I pose to you is this: should I sell the bike, or should I fly out to Seattle one more time and ride it back here? The reason why I want to sell it is because my life has shifted in focus, away from motorcycles and toward bicycles. But the reason I should not sell it is because I'd be afraid I'd never own another bike again.

Let me know what you think I should do.

note: the following photo was taken in the Strawberry Mountains of central Oregon.