Winter is nearing its conclusion, the temperature outside is slowly climbing above freezing, and the Oak Leaf Trail is finally (or nearly) clear of snow and ice! Soon I'll be riding my bike to work on a regular basis.

Last year, I purchased a Wabi so I could enhance the bicycle commute experience. It's a fun and affordable bike to ride, and a single-speed is really all you need to get around the greater Milwaukee area. I recently put fenders on the bike, as well as a sweet saddle, so it should be ready to role through about any type of weather conditions.

I live in Whitefish Bay, so the commute is only 6 miles in each direction. My goal is to bike commute as many days as I possibly can between now and when it snows next year. Sometimes I have to drive my car to work--but I do have this goal, and I take goals seriously.

The following photo was taken last Sunday at the Fiddleheads in Theinsville.