• Women's Connections meeting 12june2014

    Meeting notes: Question: do we have retention statistics on female students? Question: what's the budget look like for Women's Connections? ideas for projects: gathering of alumni and students (something they di...
    David Howell
    created by David Howell
  • Student Life Ethnography Questions

    Questions we want to negotiate for the survey and interview portion of the upcoming research initiative.
  • 2014 Pieper Family Foundation yearly report_7january2013.pdf

    Every year, the Chair for Servant-Leadership drafts a report for the Pieper Family Foundation. The report details the work that Servant-Leadership has participated in for the 2013 calendar year and is organized accord...
  • Building Global Leaders_dalton institute_howell_31january2014.pdf

    Here's the PowerPoint presentation that was delivered at the John C. Dalton Institute on College Student Values, delivered on February 7, 2014. The presentation describes an ethnographic research project we did to det...