Dana Grennier
Starting to think David Howell has moved his office to CC341.  He was here again bragging about his blog, The Daily Dean: 3 Things Every Students Must Know to Move Beyond Memory-based Learning.  Are you following it yet?  You should!
David Howell
Happy to start a new quarter with some warmish weather!
I can't believe how COLD it is! I'm truly looking forward to Spring when the flowers around campus start to bloom, and you look forward to going outside.  Oh well, one can only dream!
Dana Grennier
Thanks to Donna Buth for the delicious cupcakes she made in honor of the Digital Marketing relocation.  CC341 is open for business; however, the cupcakes are gone.
Mitch Trewyn
Finals are coming up soon and all I can think of is free pizza in the CC next week.
Jessica Suhr
Here's a great link on the elements that go into a lasting love for Valentine's Day -- or any day of the week: