• Favorite/Best Browser?

    Lisa Rivero
    created by Lisa Rivero
  • Fahrenheit 451

    Right now reading Fahrenheit 451.    Do you know to what the title refers?
    Bob Olsson
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  • InterVarsity at MSOE - Cross Training Video contest

    Check out these videos and vote on your favorite! Videos made for a conference coming up on November 7th-9th.   www.ivcrosstraining.org
    Eric Pedersen
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  • IT Reponse to Laptop Issues

    Dear Students,   Thank you for voicing your opinions and concerns about the laptops that were issued to the freshman and juniors this fall. We understand that some students are concerned about the level of RAM p...
    Shawna Ferguson
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  • Course Descriptions?

    Where exactly can I find descriptions of each course so that I know what I will be studying if I pick a certain course for an elective?
    Brody Brown
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  • How do you use the library?

    The MSOE Walter Schroeder Library receives hundreds of visitors daily, but we would like to know how you like to use the library.
    Sarah Rowell
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  • Easier way to get to the bookstore website?

    Is there an easier way to get to the website for the bookstore? I tried typing in bookstore in the search bar, searched through the "student hub" tab, and looked under the "places" tab. I eventually gave up and just g...
    Rachael Morawicz
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  • How to start a group?

    I'm looking into starting a private group for my chemistry lab partners and I, to work and communicate through on the HUB. What do I do to make this a possibility?
    James Kearn
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