• $1200 laptop with only 4GB RAM?

    My freshman son informed me that the $1200 laptop the school issued which we paid for has only 4GB of RAM - making it almost unusable.  (the operating system usually starts out with 2GB leaving only 2GB for apps,...
    Patrick Campbell
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  • Movies?

    Does anyone know which movie theater is the closest to campus and what is the fastest way to get there(bus,walking,etc.)? Just wondering because some movies I want to see will be coming out over the next month and a h...
    Brody Brown
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  • Course Descriptions?

    Where exactly can I find descriptions of each course so that I know what I will be studying if I pick a certain course for an elective?
    Brody Brown
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  • These new laptops...

    ...Are kinda awful.   For one thing, why'd they do away with major-specific images? I had many GBs worth of AutoCad programs that I will never, ever, ever use, pre-installed, that I had to manually get rid of ju...
    Devin Heck
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  • Help Starting A MSOE Minecraft Server

         As some people may have noticed, someone put up some flyers about creating a MSOE Students only Minecraft server. I did this to see how much possible support there would be for the idea. As of...
    Brody Brown
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  • Dorm Assignments

    Does anyone know when we get our dorm room's and roommates? I've been very impatient to know who I'll be rooming with.
    Riya Chaudhari
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