Nina Fleisner
Wondering if someone could please post the weekly menu for the RWJ Cafeteria? It hasn't been on here for quite some time and I think it's very helpful. Thanks!
in Campus Life
Elizabeth Donohew
Done with 2 classes (not including finals/projects).
Brandon Yahr
Can anyone point me in the direction of who to contact to send an email to all students?
in Student Hub
Stephen Avery
I left my red and black lunchbox in a classroom this week on Tuesday (I believe either L-305 or S-358). If anyone finds it, please call or text me at 920-574-0093. Thanks!
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Elizabeth Donohew
First official Disc Golf Club outing today! Had a great time getting back out on the course with new people! Got Kopps after! :)
Student Activities
Hey everyone. There was a Commuter Student Orientation session scheduled for Welcome Week. That event has been changed.   Now, there will be an ongoing event from 12pm-5pm on August 30th and August…
in Commuter Student Connections
Elizabeth Donohew
Trip to California was awesome! Loved seeing my family, and meeting my new nephew!
Elizabeth Donohew
Last week of July! Excited to get a lot of stuff done!
Medhat Khalil
Looking for first car for my 17 years old son. Best car is inexpensive, 1.8-2.5 Liter, 4 doors. Looking to hear from you
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Elizabeth Donohew
Happy Friday everyone!
Elizabeth Donohew
Re-watching Sailor Moon from the very beginning. Anyone else like the show?
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