• WTB Computer Monitor

    Want to buy a second computer monitor for my laptop. Doesn't have to be an outstanding monitor, just something to give me more working room. VGA or HDMI port is fine. Send me an offer with pics and model # if avai...
    Brandon Shea
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  • SUB's Talent Show

    4/29/14 7:00 PM
    Join  Student Union Board for a Talent Show competition.  MSOE students can sign up by contacting Alex Fuerst at fuersta@msoe.edu . This event will feature various talents.  Last year's event included s...
    SUB's Talent Show

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  • What MSOE platform should be first?

    We are working on the mobile version of the website and we are looking for student feedback.  When you visit your personal "My Hub" page, you see 9 different hexagons that link you to other MSOE platforms.  ...
    Dana Grennier
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  • Color or B&W Photography?

    Which do you like better: Color or Black & White photography???
    Nancy Tanaka
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  • Favorite Camera Brand?

    What is your favorite digital camera brand to shoot with?
    Nancy Tanaka
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  • MLH, RWJ or Regents? Why?

    I always wondered what made people choose the dorm they live in...which is your favorite and why?
    Karl Barth
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