• What MSOE platform should be first?

    We are working on the mobile version of the website and we are looking for student feedback.  When you visit your personal "My Hub" page, you see 9 different hexagons that link you to other MSOE platforms.  ...
    Dana Grennier
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  • CLOSED: WAICU/ATI-Ladish Scholarship, Due on 3-7-14

    To apply, please fill out the Scholarship Report Form and return it to the Financial Aid Office.   Best of luck to all who apply!
    Amanda Wysk
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  • Bus Passes

    Does anyone else think it's kind of ridiculous that MSOE doesn't offer free or at least discounted bus passes? Every other college in downtown Milwaukee (e.g. Marquette, UWM, MIAD, etc.) offers them. I understand that...
    Kayla Grogan
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