Trevor Howard posted 11 months ago
How will I know when MSOE has received my ACT/SAT scores, if I have already arranged to have them sent?


  • Frederick Berry

    Frederick Berry 11 months ago

    Trevor,  Seandra Mitchell our Admissions Director will help.
  • Rachael McFarlane

    Rachael McFarlane 11 months ago

    Hi Trevor! GREAT news, all of your application materials are in! The application, ACT score, and your transcript have all arrived. From what I see things look very promising. Feel free to contact me with ANY questions, otherwise you will be notified of your official admission status come late September. Have a great day Trevor and I'm excited to work with you this year! 
  • Trevor Howard

    Trevor Howard 11 months ago

    Okay, thanks! I'll be sure to let you know if I need anything else.