Jacob Ertel
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Cain & Abel? What's that all about? Tonight at InterVarsity's Fusion.
IV Fusion tonight at 7pm.
Kailey Smith
On Tuesday December 16th, I lost a key on a red lanyard with yellow writing that says “Marines” on it. I lost it some point between RWJ and the CC around 10:00 AM. If you anyone finds it, please…
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Paul Fabian
at 10/24 14:36:15 the primary wireless controller failed over to the secondary. It's back up, but I'm investigating why it went down. Sorry for any issues this may have caused.
Ian Dahlinghaus
For those who may not be able to make it to an info session on campus, we are offering online info sessions once a month.  Information about each of our graduate programs, as well as admissions…
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Jacob Ertel
Any help or comment on the required password change for laptops? Does this effect, WiFi, Box, Hub, my.msoe, get funds, Outlook Webmail?

Paul Fabian, do you manage Active Directory? 
Jacob Ertel
FYI: The hallway leading into the caf has been painted pink. I assume for the Week of Pink in a few days. *It's not like there's a rock to paint on campus.* 
David Modlin
I tried to use follow you printing at the MLH printer on the ground floor, and I did everything I was supposed to, but it didn't print. Has anyone had the same problem? Please help