Galileo was the Italian physicist and electrical engineer who invented the induction motor. Doreen was an amazing Italian woman. RIP.


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Happy Halloween!

Reading the following article would be even 'cooler' if this HP Elitebook 8570w stopped autodimming my screen after it wakes up from sleep.

MIT Wristband Could Make AC Obsolete | Wired Design |


Apparently our bodies can be made to think we are warmer or cooler by sending pulses of hot or cold waves at specific surface areas such as the wrist. Pretty neat!


If only I could trick my braining into reading by osmosis.

Phys.Org Mobile: Scientists create never-before-seen form of matter


Molecules of photons? Whaaat?


Yey science!

I am a gamer and collector of things I like. This being the case, I was instantly interested in collecting the "badges" on the MSOE HUB. My profile indicates I earned one badge thus far, Scout. I have actually fulfilled the requirements to earn "In The Game", "Your Opinion Counts", and "Vote For Pedro" but I have still not received said badges. I guess I am done with that. It is like playing a pseudo-game such as farmville for a while until you realize it is a hook with inedible bait and then you swim away in search of the real thing.


Also, I am not understanding how the following occurs: I am logged in to HUB. I log out. I return to the site at a later time, click "login" and find myself logged in without being prompted to enter my login name and password. My browser is set to never remember passwords. A little insight or help is desired.


Homework, YEY!