Nimrod Allen
In your lifetime what do you want to accomplish?
Nimrod Allen
Nothing is more amazing than experiencing a Marine execute mission objectives. 

Patience Poise Precision.

What is your story?
Nimrod Allen
Be patient, things take time...
Nimrod Allen
Do we have any independent study options for undergraduates?

Is there a possibility to obtain a degree based on verifiable life experience?

I could use some help understanding.

Thanks in advance

Nimrod Allen
My fundemental belief is context over content.

Please I encourage you to read on.
Nimrod Allen
I am an Adult Professonal lifelong learner studying at a university who seeks to regard me as a child.

My peer group are that of military Commanders, strategists and warfighters.

I have chosen to become a humanitarian seeking to serve at the Nobel level. 

When you are ready to lead no one is worth following.

How would that make you feel?
Nimrod Allen
I'm tired going to bed. Thanks hub for listening.

Nimrod Allen
I have a lot to say because of a decision I must consider. I have worked hard to prove my allegiance to this "UNIVERSITY" and I have a strong sense of gratituse for their continued support. 

I will express my goals and see if the university will aid me in obtaining them. 

Who will stand up.
Nimrod Allen
I am disgusted at the fact institutions who claim to act primarily on merits use resources as a method to preserve their legacy. 

That seems a bit counter intuitive don't you think.
Nimrod Allen
Ask me about BLACK RABBIT computing system.
Nimrod Allen
Do you think I could possiby be a good steward of humanitarian methodologies?

A poll.
1 for yes
2 for no

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