Shari Morales
Where can I find out more information about the dorm rooms?  My son will be a freshman, a this is all new to us.  Any and all help will be appreciated
Alexander Vandergriff
Had a great day giving tours and talking to perspective students! now time for Birthday stuff!
vicki mitchell
Got my acceptance letter.  I am very excited.
Davinci Wallace
Friday, August 1st is senior visit day!! I hope to see a lot of seniors (class of 2015) and their families on campus.  
Alexander Vandergriff
I personally cannot wait for the school year to start again, mainly I because then all my friends will be back.
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Alexander Vandergriff
so I am feeling pretty good today. I went to the kern this morning an ran my first mile in ages.  not a great time but still the best in a couple years. Feeling motivated!
Alexander Vandergriff
Getting excited to go Camping next week.  Sorry Milwaukee, leaving you for a week, but I will be back.
Alexander Vandergriff
MSOE it is quite an amazing place full of awesome especially the Admission Student Worker Team.
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Alexander Vandergriff
Can't wait for the new Doctor Who.  Its OK August can take its time I might be patient.
Kasey Mylin
Second day of work was a blast. My team's gonna win the scavenger hunt!! :)
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