• Tim Tuesdays: I Love Milwaukee

    Cream City. Brew City. The City of Festivals. The German Athens of America. Mil-town. Milwaukee is known internationally for many things, including being the home of one of the best engineering schools in the Midwest....
    Tim Valley
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  • Foggy Commute

    You know it's summer when . . . THE FOG IS SO THICK, IT CUTS THROUGH THE MILWAUKEE SKYLINE! #cool   It was actually a sight to see.
    Nicole Alexandria Baylon
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  • Milwaukee County Historical Society

      So on Friday (June 13) some of my co-workers (JessalynnRose) and I went to the Milwaukee County Historical Society, located at 910 N Old World 3rd St. There is a $5 admissions fee. It was very interesting lear...
    Kelly-Ann Kato
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  • Babies and Phones

    Have you ever called up a family member with a baby, and they give the baby the phone so that you can talk to them? I've had that happen so many times because of my younger siblings and always being away from them. I ...
    Kelly-Ann Kato
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  • Thursday Night

    I have a friend from out of town visiting this lovely Thursday evening, any suggestions of what to do this evening on a college student's budget and in this strange "summer" weather?
    Lindsey Otto
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  • MSOE “Imagineers” take second place worldwide

    A team of MSOE freshmen, dubbed the “Imagineers,” took second place in the Technical Challenge at the Destination Imagination Global Tournament in Knoxville, Tenn. The first-year team came together and pla...
    MSOE News Services
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  • IT Update: Migrating Outlook from temporary to permanent mailbox

    The IT department has finished the migration process to the new mailbox servers and has made all of the new mailboxes permanent. Now that the server process is complete, each user can proceed to transition Outlook to ...
    Dana Grennier
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  • Accepted!!

    So excited! Looking forward to next year!!
    Emorie Harty
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  • Introducing Money Monday!

    Monday is the most dreaded day of the week: you have to go back to class, back to work, and you might be trying to play catch up on all the things you said you'd do this weekend when in reality all you did was sleep a...
    Amanda Wysk
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