• The Daily Dean: Slow motion

    Note: The Daily Dean won't publish tomorrow--hope you have a "good Friday" (pun intended). We're about to take a 3 day break at MSOE, and it's time to slow things down a bit. Life on campus can be chaotic. The data ...
    David Howell
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  • The Daily Dean: Brett Kash, part II--a tip of the hat to Dr. Wentz

    As I mentioned yesterday, Brett is a great student. He's currently taking an independent study with me this quarter--his last quarter at MSOE--so we can continue our ongoing, meaningful exchange of information. For ...
    David Howell
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  • The Daily Dean: Mardi Gras!

    Today is Fat Tuesday, which means it's time to consume a few calories in the form of King Cake. My wife and I made a couple last night, and I brought one into the office. So if you feel like having a slice of some hom...
    David Howell
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  • The Daily Dean: Evan's cello

    My son, Evan, plays the cello. He started in 5th grade, and thanks to the support of some great music teachers in the Whitefish Bay school district, he's really, really good. Evan's now a sophomore in high school, and...
    David Howell
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  • so...guess who got accepted?!

    I definitely got accepted and am super excited! I can't wait to attend! I'm so excited and can't wait to meet new classmates!!!
    Alexis Hogue
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  • The Daily Dean: silence and listening

    At the Dalton Institute conference, I sat in on a presentation by Dr. Gage Pain, the Vice President for Student Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin. Her presentation focused on silence--how we need to make sp...
    David Howell
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  • The Daily Dean: Meet the Dean

    After reflecting on the topic I last wrote about (silence and listening), it dawned on me that, as the Dean of Students, I don't have a designated time to meet with students. Yes, I meet with students all of the time-...
    David Howell
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  • IT Update: Migrating Outlook from temporary to permanent mailbox

    The IT department has finished the migration process to the new mailbox servers and has made all of the new mailboxes permanent. Now that the server process is complete, each user can proceed to transition Outlook to ...
    Dana Grennier
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  • Accepted!!

    So excited! Looking forward to next year!!
    Emorie Harty
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  • Introducing Money Monday!

    Monday is the most dreaded day of the week: you have to go back to class, back to work, and you might be trying to play catch up on all the things you said you'd do this weekend when in reality all you did was sleep a...
    Amanda Wysk
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  • Hard Work Pays Off - Another Alumni Success Story

    My older brother is an alumni from MSOE’s Mechanical Engineering program and works for Harley Davidson.  He interned with the company for 3 years (sophomore through senior year) before receiving a job offer...
    Megan Waelti
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