• What's Your Favorite Go-To Restaurant in the Milwaukee Area?

    What restaurant is your go-to place in Milwaukee? Why? What would you recommended getting there?
    Nicole Alexandria Baylon
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  • How do I know who my admissions counselor is?

    I was just wondering who my admissions counselor is because I have a few questions regarding my application.
    Katelyn Reuter
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  • Summer Programs

    The following people need to change there HUB profile picture and avatar: Mike Devon Jess Kasey   Hop on it folks
    Haley Anderson
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  • Who are you excited to see at Summerfest?

    Who are you excited to see perform at Summerfest?
    Phoebe Skowronski
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  • What is your favorite local food?

    Mandy Runnalls
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  • Basic concerns

    Yes I'm interested in this school but I'm looking to find a great place to stay also. Furthermore does this school provided hardship scholarships. 
    Hylisha Ambler
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  • The Daily Dean: How to Overcome the Fear of ‘Putting Yourself Out There’

    I'm an introvert, and I enjoy being an introvert. But introverts don't get a lot of affirmation for their introspective characteristics. That's why I'm a big fan of Susan Cain. I've read her book (which can be purchas...
    David Howell
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  • The Daily Dean: What's your blues name?

    My wife and kids took me out to Father's Day Brunch at The Smoke Shack. While waiting for our meal, we found a flyer on blues names. It turns out that my blues name is Old Bones Rivers. What's yours?
    David Howell
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  • Foggy Commute

    You know it's summer when . . . THE FOG IS SO THICK, IT CUTS THROUGH THE MILWAUKEE SKYLINE! #cool   It was actually a sight to see.
    Nicole Alexandria Baylon
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  • The Daily Dean: Painting the town (or the office) red

    Facilities is painting the Student Life office. Soon, we will be surrounded in shades of red and white--all the more helpful for engendering a dynamic student spirit on campus. In my doctoral coursework, I took cours...
    David Howell
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  • How do we start the program?

    Hi I was wondering how we start the program because I didn't get anything in the mail and I know I'm behind and need to get started because I thought it started on the 9th of June but I know I can catch up and put in ...
    Alexis Hogue
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  • Which festivals are you looking forward to most this summer?

    What festivals are you looking forward to and why? Personally, I can't wait for Bastille Days because of the Beignets, and Summerfest because of the music.
    Elizabeth Donohew
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  • Milwaukee County Historical Society

      So on Friday (June 13) some of my co-workers (JessalynnRose) and I went to the Milwaukee County Historical Society, located at 910 N Old World 3rd St. There is a $5 admissions fee. It was very interesting lear...
    Kelly-Ann Kato
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  • Babies and Phones

    Have you ever called up a family member with a baby, and they give the baby the phone so that you can talk to them? I've had that happen so many times because of my younger siblings and always being away from them. I ...
    Kelly-Ann Kato
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  • Thursday Night

    I have a friend from out of town visiting this lovely Thursday evening, any suggestions of what to do this evening on a college student's budget and in this strange "summer" weather?
    Lindsey Otto
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  • MSOE “Imagineers” take second place worldwide

    A team of MSOE freshmen, dubbed the “Imagineers,” took second place in the Technical Challenge at the Destination Imagination Global Tournament in Knoxville, Tenn. The first-year team came together and pla...
    MSOE News Services
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  • The Daily Dean: Food trucks

    I was walking to Starbucks at Red Arrow Park the other day and found a host of food trucks parked on Water Street, just on the other side of the ice rink. Each truck had a long line of people waiting to order somethin...
    David Howell
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  • The Daily Dean: Mourning the loss of cupcakes

    I'm sad that, as of last Friday, there is no longer a Milwaukee Cupcake Company. For years, my family would frequent this cupcakery in the 3rd Ward to celebrate various events (or just enjoy a morsel). Last Friday, my...
    David Howell
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  • Open House

    7/19/14 10:00 AM
    Come and enjoy all that campus has to offer during MSOE’s Open House. During the Open House, you will have the opportunity to learn about the admission process, take a walking tour of the highlights on campus, a...
    Mandy Runnalls
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    Open House

    in Admissions

  • The Daily Dean: Eggs are the bomb!

    My wife is allergic to eggs, and I feel sorry for her, because I could eat eggs 24/7/365. Most mornings, I have two fried eggs (over easy) with my Nueske's Bacon. The eggs have to be free-range, organic brown--just th...
    David Howell
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