• Who's still looking for a roomate?

    I recently decided on living on campus, but I can't find any discussion pages to meet potential roommates. Any pages that I could join would help greatly!
    Joe Drees
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  • What's Your Favorite Go-To Restaurant in the Milwaukee Area?

    What restaurant is your go-to place in Milwaukee? Why? What would you recommended getting there?
    Nicole Alexandria Baylon
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  • Can't get past Step 2!

    Hello!      I'm Marc and I applied at MSOE. I sent in my application, my Transcript, SAT/ACT scores, EVERYTHING! The only problem is, I don't know where to check my application progress. The little...
    Marc Lind
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  • Biomedical Engineering Job Outlook?

    I was wondering if I could get any insight from the biomedical engineering students as to what their job outlook looks like and where they are looking to go. Also I was wondering what some of the internships and proje...
    Cameron Freund
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  • FAFSA FAQs: Who is my Parent?

    With parents divorcing, remarrying, or sometimes not married but living together, questions about who to include on the FAFSA are plentiful. If you are wondering who you should include on the FAFSA, check out this qui...
    Lena Scheibengraber
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  • Num Lock on at startup.

    If any of you guys use the Msoe + ID # + mm/dd/yy for your pasword you may have found it annoying to click the num lock button upon every start up. Well there is a simple fix to this. Start the Registry Editor by goin...
    Gabe Garsombke
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  • AP Credits

    When filling out my application how do I figure out the number of credits I have earned through AP tests.
    Ian Farnam
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  • Accepted Students

    I received my acceptance letter a few weeks ago and imagine others have as well. As of right now there is a fairly good chance that MSOE is where I will be attending (depending on money, of course). Is there anywhere ...
    Matthew Korus
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  • Is it possible for the Skylight to be a bigger rip off?

    Andrew Moore
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  • Switching Majors?

    I had just recently been accepted into MSOE for fall of 2014.  I was wondering how difficult switching similar majors would be at MSOE.  I know for a fact that I want to be in Electrical, Computer, or Softwa...
    Kevin Etta
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  • 2 Minutes of Payne: Get to Class

    The second episode of 2 Minutes of Payne is here!
    Kelsey Uuskallio
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  • Meeting Schedule

    I haven't received any meeting announcements; is a meeting planned for this quarter?
    Sheila Ross
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  • Tim Tuesdays: I Love Milwaukee

    Cream City. Brew City. The City of Festivals. The German Athens of America. Mil-town. Milwaukee is known internationally for many things, including being the home of one of the best engineering schools in the Midwest....
    Tim Valley
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  • When should I expect to hear of an admission decision?

    Hello everyone at MSOE,   So I applied for admission to MSOE back in July (I believe), and in mid-August I finally got all of the proper forms in after a problem with sending a transcript.   Of course I do...
    Ryan Koeppen
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  • Admissions AP Credit

    When entering the number of ap credits, is that the number of tests that scored a 4 or 5?
    Evan Akers
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  • Admission Letter of Recommendation

    For the freshmen application, is it suggested to submit a letter of recommendation?
    Evan Akers
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  • Piano?

    Is there a piano on campus that students can play?
    m bruemprest
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  • recent campus visit (Senior Day)

    My son and I recently visited the campus for Senior Day and he is very interested in applying to MSOE.   He is currently a Senior in High School.   How soon do we need to send in the application? ...
    Lynn Grant
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  • What's your favorite thing to do in Milwaukee in the summer?

    Our lovely home city has so much to offer year-round!
    Lindsey Otto
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  • Send both ACT and SAT

    Would sending both of my scores be better?   I took bot ACT (30; 34 math)  and SAT (somewhere in the 1300s; 660 in math). My ACT was a better score when converted into SAT.   I don't want to waste the...
    Jenna Sgarlata
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