Mandy Runnalls
LOVE Senior Design day!  So cool to see what everyone has been up to for the year!  Congrats to all those graduating tomorrow!!! You did it! :)
Mandy Runnalls
We had an awesome team of student workers this year!  So sad to see many of them leave this summer but can't wait to hear about their crazy adventures when they get back!
Mandy Runnalls
Heading out to Senn High School tomorrow for their college fair! Should be a fun day :)
Eleanor Monaghan
I am officially going to MSOE!! 
Mandy Runnalls
Hey Accepted Student Group - Fall 2015!  Looking for your future roommate?!  Be sure to write a little 'about me' and peruse for the other students looking for roommates in the Accepted Student Group-Fall 2015 under content at the top!  There are lots of people lookin and you never know if you just may find your future best friend! ;)
Giovany Vazquez
I have been accepted to MSOE!!!! It is something that I have always wanted. Now the tough part comes am I going to fund my education with only limited financial aid left?  
Alexander Thomae
Made the decision to be a Raider, MSOE here I come.
Mandy Runnalls
Dun, dun, dun! May 1st is THIS Friday!  If this happens to be a scary day for you, reach out and chat with us, we are happy to help in anyway!
Loveday Roman
Made the decision to become an MSOE Raider today! But I knew that was gonna happen all along:))
Codi Alger
Shout out to  Joey Dusel for 'ditching' us this summer for bigger and better things! Congrats NWM is lucky to have you!
Mandy Runnalls
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Happy Friday everyone! Students I know a lot of you are making big decisions this weekend, so please let me know if there is anything I can do to help! Good luck :)
We are here for any questions you might have! :)
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