Mandy Runnalls
Can't stop, won't stop...processing applications! Holy smokes my drawer is on fire with how many students we have applying!  Keep it coming guys!
Mandy Runnalls
Phew! What a week!  Spent a week as head staff with some ridiculously smart Engineering summer programs kids!  At closing ceremony now listening to all that they did this week!
Mandy Runnalls
Mmm... Just got my yearly beignets at Bastille Days, one of the many festivals of MKE!  Be sure to check it out :) 
Adele Becker
Anyone know when we'll be getting our dorm and roommate assignment? I'm getting antsy!!
Mandy Runnalls
Summer Program run through today!  Getting excited for camp in a few weeks and can't wait to meet some crazy smart students!
Mandy Runnalls
Schedules are all completed for fall incoming freshmen!  We are busy stuffing packets for you and they should be in the mail this week! Wohoo!!
Davinci Wallace
Hey Badger State Participants,

Our wonderful  Mandy Runnalls will be at both Badger State Girls and Badger State Boys, please stop by and say hi!!!!
Mandy Runnalls
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Interested in playing for the Women's Tennis Team? Possible openings on the roster for Fall 2015 for experienced players. Let's talk!
Accepted Student Group - Fall 2015 If you play tennis and want to continue in college, make sure to reach out to Coach Randerson!
Ariel Gray
Hello everyone this will be my first quarter at MSOE and I am very nervous. I will be in the nursing program and I just wanted to know how do my other fellow nursing students like it at MSOE. 
Mandy Runnalls
Super pumped that my husband and I won tickets to see the Kongos and Kings of Leon show at summerfest! Man I love MKE :)
Megan Waelti
Free donuts at the best donut rest Holey Moley downtown Milwaukee?!  We are there! Elle Meinholz
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