Mandy Runnalls
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Are you eligible for one of these scholarships...

The deadline for most of these scholarships is February 1st! Check it out and contact your admission counselor with any questions or concerns. We want to make sure you are getting the scholarship money you deserve!!
Exactly what Elle said!!  Get your money!! :)
David Garay
After winning two medals at DECA district competitions, I have been selected to go to state competitions in march! I am 1 out of 8 from my school!
Davinci Wallace
On Saturday, Jan. 31st MSOE has a lot of activities going on around campus everything from an accepted student day to sporting events.   I can't wait to see so many people on campus. 
Mandy Runnalls
Jamming to Backstreet Boys this morning while getting ready totally reminded me of when my college roomie and I used to crank it in the morning as well!  College roommates are the best!
Mandy Runnalls
Saturday's Accepted Student Day is growing bigger and bigger!  Will you be part of it?!  If not yet, come visit us!
Michael Warder
Alright i have decided. how do i register for attending this fall 
Mandy Runnalls
Continuing to look for that extra bit of scholarship money?!  Don't forget to turn in your letters of recommendations for the activities that you have participated in for our many scholarships we offer at:
Kent Peterson
Here's an advance look at our :30 sec. TV commercial that will run on Time Warner Cable during the Raider hockey game tomorrow night.

MSOE TV Spot - YouTube

Mandy Runnalls
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I know that I am a little late, but I want to say thank you to every student who participated in the MLK Day of Service on Monday. Your generous efforts make me proud to be a part of such a wonderful university!

Thank you Servant Leadership for putting on a great day of events!
Agreed!! We have so many awesome letters to send out to our incoming class!  Thank you to everyone who helped send a little note of reassurance!
Thomas Schwanebeck
What High School Grade Level do you need to be to participate in the Discover the Possibilities Summer program.  My child's high school does not participate in PLTW.
Mandy Runnalls
T-45 minutes until the Early Bird presentation starts for Accepted Student Day!  Excited to be back in the swing of things and meet some awesome families!
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