Mandy Runnalls
Got my Red Velvet donut from Holey Moley this morning--happy Mardi Gras everyone :)
Dana Grennier
Have you seen the Featured News section on the Home page?
Launched today, we are excited to bring your stories where they can be shared.  If you have a unique project, awesome internship or fun social activity that you would like to share, contact
Mandy Runnalls
Elle Meinholz and I on top of the new Tower Apartments balcony! SO COOL!
Kayla Miller
i've applied and sent everything in and have yet to hear back
Mandy Runnalls
Crazy sauce as to how many visitors we have had on campus today!  What a fun day in admissions :)  Jorge Morin it was great to see you!
Mandy Runnalls
Getting excited as we are finishing up planning for our upcoming Nursing Social on February 27th!  Look for your invite coming soon and come join us for a night of fun!!  Accepted Student Group - Fall 2015
Mandy Runnalls
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Good morning everyone! Happy Hump Day!

For those of you engineering students still on the hunt for scholarships I have 3 AWESOME opportunities for you!

MSOE Incoming Freshman Engineers ONLY: $12,500 Do...
MSOE Incoming Freshman Engineers ONLY: $8,600 - $...
MSOE Incoming Freshman Engineers ONLY: $5,000 Dan...

There is a lot of money in here! Don't miss out! The deadlines for these scholarships are coming up in Feb & Mar!
Seriously consider applying for these great opportunities for mulah!  :)
Mandy Runnalls
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Are you eligible for one of these scholarships...

The deadline for most of these scholarships is February 1st! Check it out and contact your admission counselor with any questions or concerns. We want to make sure you are getting the scholarship money you deserve!!
Exactly what Elle said!!  Get your money!! :)
David Garay
After winning two medals at DECA district competitions, I have been selected to go to state competitions in march! I am 1 out of 8 from my school!
Davinci Wallace
On Saturday, Jan. 31st MSOE has a lot of activities going on around campus everything from an accepted student day to sporting events.   I can't wait to see so many people on campus. 
Mandy Runnalls
Jamming to Backstreet Boys this morning while getting ready totally reminded me of when my college roomie and I used to crank it in the morning as well!  College roommates are the best!
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