Mandy Runnalls
Faculty and Staff- come visit Women's Connections over by admissions and grab your free PINK strawberry milk!  
Mandy Runnalls
Thanks to all who came and checked out Day 1 of Week of Pink today we raised $190 for the American Cancer Society!  Love seeing so many people come out for a good cause!  Look forward to seeing all the PINK throughout the week!!
Mandy Runnalls
1st Day of classes on campus! Things just got real :)  Good luck everyone and happy to see your faces around campus!
Mandy Runnalls
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The Admissions Office is a busy busy place this week! If any new students need any guidance or direction, stop on by! We are happy to help :)
This goes for next week too! Especially as you are starting your new classes!!!
Tinamarie Aljazzar
how do I become a member of the Muslim student org. ?
Mandy Runnalls
Had a great time at the Welcome Week concert last night!  Thanks for the great turnout and we hope you enjoy your WoCo blankets!  To see pictures, check out Women's Connections tomorrow and be sure to join us for future events!
Kasey Mylin
So I'm trying to win a scholarship but I need votes in order to win. I would greatly appreciate it if you could follow the link below and vote for my entry!! Please and thank you :) 

Scholarship Voting -
vicki mitchell
How hard is it to navigate the campus?  I have only been there for Robotics meetings.
Sandra Mejia
Wishing a very happy birthday to the best person in the whole wide world- Betty!  Betty Albrecht  TRIO Students
Christopher Kane
Have you seen the new Bublr bike rental stations in Milwaukee? There's a station at Red Arrow Park, right around the corner from MSOE. Another station is at Discovery World, with more stations planned for around the city. 
Mandy Runnalls
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More fun ways to learn about Welcome Week!  Watch this video to learn about some of the highlights:
Welcome Week 2014 is going to be pretty darn fantastic this year!  Check out the below video to find out more about what will be going on and some other important information for you to learn!
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