Mandy Runnalls posted 1 year ago
It was great to meet so many of you today at the Senior Visit Day! Thanks to Andrew Ramirez , alexander rendon , and Nicholas Walloch for joining us today--hope you all had a fun day and a safe trip home :)


  • Davinci Wallace

    Davinci Wallace 1 year ago

    I agree with Mandy, it was nice seeing all of you today.  
  • Rachael McFarlane

    Rachael McFarlane 1 year ago

    Ditto! It's been great having so many students on campus the past two days. Thanks to all of you who attended :)
  • Paige Voigt

    Paige Voigt 1 year ago

    It was nice meeting all of you! (: I enjoyed it and thank you for a great first impression, also first college experience!