• Using Hub Points for Store Items?

    Woah. I just found out you can use the Hub points to buy items. (O.o) So strange....   Hub Community: Would you use those points that give you a better ranking on the Hub to buy the following items? Would it be ...
    Nancy Tanaka
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  • PLTW Scholarship

    How can I recieve the credit and scholarship for completing a PLTW course in High School? 
    James Kearn
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  • Access to Faculty Evaluations?

    How do I find the link to the faculty evaluations results?  I am referring to evaluations that students fill out after every course. 
    Olga Imas
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  • How to start a group?

    I'm looking into starting a private group for my chemistry lab partners and I, to work and communicate through on the HUB. What do I do to make this a possibility?
    James Kearn
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  • Badges

    I'm really loving the badges, but once I have them all- are there more to unlock? 
    Denise Gergetz
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