Robert Rizza

Robert Rizza

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Name: Robert Rizza
User Type: Faculty/Staff
Biography: Fall 2014 marks the beginning of my twentieth year teaching full time. During my academic life, I have taught courses in thermal sciences, fluids, mechanics, strength of materials and design. I have been very much a jack of all trades. But my main areas are mechanics and engineering design. I am very active in scholarly activity and work extensively with medical practioners at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, the Medical College of Wisconsin and Wheaton Franciscan Hospital to develop new medical devices that will improve the quality of life for individuals with physical deformities. Several orthotic devices that my team and I have developed are currently being manufactured by a company in New Berlin. I am the author of the first fully functional computer aided engineering (CAE) software exclusively used for orthotic design and analysis. I am author of several textbooks and many referred journal publications in biomechanics and mechanical design. In addition, I have provided consulting services on various industrial projects.
Work Address: 1025 N Broadway
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Preferred Contact Method: Email
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Title: Associate Professor
Office Number: S125C
Education: Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL.

1995 Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering

1989 Master of Science in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

1987 Bachelor of Science in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Honors and Awards: 2010 Karl O. Werwath Engineering Research Award

2008 Falk Engineering Educator Award
Publications: Rizza, R., Liu, X.C., Van Valin, S., and Lyon R. Development of an Adjustable Sinus Tarsi Device for Flatfoot Correction: A Pilot Study in a Sawbones Model. J. Medical Devices. 8(2) 020937. 2014.

Liu, X.C., Tassone, C., Rizza, R., Linford, E., Lyon, R. and Tarima, S. Thometz, J. Newly Design Foot Orthosis for children with residual Clubfoot after Ponseti Casting. J. Prosthetics and Orthotics. Vol. 26 (1), pp 38-42. 2014.

Rizza, R., and Liu, X.C. A Cancellous Bone Screw with Adjustable Holding Power. J. Medical Devices. 7(2) 020907. 2013.

Rizza, R., and Liu, X.C. Mechanics and Validation of an In-Vivo Device to Apply Torsional Loading to Caudal Vertebrae. J. Biomechanical Engineering. 135(8) 081003. 2013.

Rizza, R., Liu, X.C., Thometz, J. and Tassone, C. Effect of Implant Stiffness on Spinal Growth in the Pig Spine. OA Orthopaedics. Jun 01;1(1):5. 2013.
Areas of Specialization / Expertise: Mechanics, Engineering Design, Numerical Methods
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Phone Number: 414-277-7377

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