• Biomedical Engineers are the Best

    Hello everyone,   My names is Abdullah, and I am a bridge student at MSOE. I am working on a research paper that talks about Biomedical Engineering and why this major is important to the world? Unfortunately, I...
    Abdullah Andergeery
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  • Should I stay in Washington state? or should join you guys?

    Hello everyone, I'm an international student and  I have some questions which, if answered, will make a huge difference in which city and state I'll be studting BME at. I hope you bear with me as I have multiple ...
    Elyas Alnamnakani
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  • Biomedical Engineering Job Outlook?

    I was wondering if I could get any insight from the biomedical engineering students as to what their job outlook looks like and where they are looking to go. Also I was wondering what some of the internships and proje...
    Cameron Freund
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  • Why Biomedical Engineering ??

    Hello everyone, I am an international student in MSOE and I am interested in Biomedical engineering.   I would like to ask some questions for BE`s students and some questions for BE`s professors. For the Stude...
    Abdullah Andergeery
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  • Double Major vs. Biomedical Engineering

    In dicussing potential paths for her future, my student is wondering what the difference between career paths and future employment might be if you double majored in Bioengineering and medical vs. MSOE's Biomedical pr...
    Mandy Runnalls
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  • Biomedical

    I would love to hear from some Biomedical Engineers to get an insight on my future major.
    Taylor Carman
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  • Recommended Way to Post Event Pictures

    Tonight the biomedical engineering juniors are going to do their progress and feasibility presentations at a dinner event sponsored  by MSOE and the Milwaukee IEEE section (http://www.msoe.edu/thread/2509). I pla...
    Charles Tritt
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  • Presentation Seating

    I'm wondering how we should work the seating tonight at the junior presentations. Here is what I mean by this. To get teams on and off the stage efficiently, it would make sense for each team to set together. On the o...
    Charles Tritt
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  • Robot to Help Find Cures

    Below is a link to a robot that tests for cures wayyyy faster than we can do with our hands. Hopes this interests someone!   This Robot Is Changing How We Cure Diseases
    Danielle Sopiarz
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  • Changes to Biomedical Engineering Group

    Hey Dr. Tritt, why do you keep changing the Biomedical Engineering group? This is really just a test post to see how the Ask widget works.
    Charles Tritt
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  • Clinical Engineer Full Time PMs Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center

    St. Luke's Medical Center is looking to hire a biomedical engineer who has recently graduated, or will be graduating in the winter. Unfortunately, those seniors who will be graduating in the spring of next year are no...
    Olga Imas
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  • RSVPs

    Where can I find documentation on Hub's Event and RSVP features? I just experimented with it and when I used Spectrum RSVP I was taken to a profile creation page. This page asked a bunch of irreverent questions and di...
    Charles Tritt
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  • All-female engineering class good or bad idea?

    What is your opinion about all-female high school classes for young women to explore engineering? http://www.jsonline.com/business/kewaskum-high-school-launches-all-female-engineering-class-b99101148z1-224720152.html
    Sandy Everts
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  • A PLTW Student needs to interview a practicing biomedical engineer

    We have a prospective student that is in PLTW that needs to interview a practicing biomedical engineer for a class assignment. Anyone want to volunteer?
    Frederick Berry
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