Hans Schroeder posted 1 year ago
Problem overall:  Being retired keeps one awfully busy.
Soon the tuckpointing on our building will be finished and then I can re-install my "stealth"-antenna - for short-wave broadcast reception and Amateur Radio (I am Faculty Advisor to the MSOE Amateur Radio Club --   interested?)
These past months I checked how well I could still do after not having used my Private Pilot ticket for 30 years. --  Fun!  


  • Mark Hamby

    Mark Hamby 1 year ago

    Hello Hans! Does the MSOE Amateur Radio Club have a HUB (or other) page? I was looking and did not come up with anything yet. While I don't have much free time currently, I do have my technicians license and the desire to earn my General. I heard of your club through ww9r. Have a great weekend!

    Mark R Hamby, CET, CSS, BSEE 2015
  • Hans Schroeder

    Hans Schroeder 1 year ago

    Thank you, Mark, for the message.   --  Membership has been fluctuating very much – extremely busy a year ago, and zero for a while this year (except three old-timers keeping things together)  I was hoping that someone might notice my “HUB” reference to the Club. -  Actually two likely members showed up yesterday (meeting time is the Friday free hour).   I also asked some fellow-faculty members  who teach related courses to mention that we exist – We are probably the MSOE student organization with the longest history.   – BTW we have also had members from Nursing – so no limitation there.   ---   And yes, the web-site is out of date and needs work and we are trying to find someone who might take on some of that. --   Another item: We have a 2-m repeater which is momentarily off the air (the UHF repeater is operating, but does not have too much coverage and is not very active)  --  Anyway, the club is very well equipeed.


    Ok, stop in when you have a chance –   and stay in touch!