• meeting the club members !

    hi . I'm very interested into photographer . I have many questions about photographs . when the club going to meet again ??
    Rabab Abuljadayel
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  • Num Lock on at startup.

    If any of you guys use the Msoe + ID # + mm/dd/yy for your pasword you may have found it annoying to click the num lock button upon every start up. Well there is a simple fix to this. Start the Registry Editor by goin...
    Gabe Garsombke
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  • How do I correctly change my password?

    Of the 12 times I have had to change my password, it has not once been successful.   I've tried waiting for it to expire and having it force me to change it, as well as changing it preemptively with ctrl+alt+del...
    Luke Vetroczky
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  • These new laptops...

    ...Are kinda awful.   For one thing, why'd they do away with major-specific images? I had many GBs worth of AutoCad programs that I will never, ever, ever use, pre-installed, that I had to manually get rid of ju...
    Devin Heck
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  • Parents and Family Weekend - Family Farewell Photos

    10/12/14 10:00 AM
    Before you leave, make sure to stop by the MSOE Photography Club table, and get a family picture taken! They will send you the picture by email so that you will always have a copy.   Cost: Free
    Parents and Family Weekend - Family Farewell Photos

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  • Heeyyyy everyone

    Hey guys I'm new to this whole bridge thing and I'm just kinda roaming around. My name is Alexander but everyone calls me Alex or A Vet, call me whatever you'd like. Does anyone have useful tips to know early on for m...
    Alex Vetroczky
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  • Hub

    Learning a new system is hard.
    Luke Vetroczky
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  • MSOE places second at ASCE Great Lakes Regional Conference

    Originally published May 2, 2013 MSOE’s student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers took second place overall in the ASCE Great Lakes Regional Conference. As a group, the students took first plac...
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