• Network node for the MLH repeater

    I have been talking with some of the higher ups in IT to try and get us a network node in the repeater cage on MLH 13. There was a positive response from IT staff and its looking like we may in fact get the hook up. I...
    cameron wilson
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  • Amateur Radio Club Meeting

    11/21/14 12:00 PM
    Come join us and see what we're up to this week!
    Cat Trice
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    Amateur Radio Club Meeting

    in MSOE Amateur Radio Club W9HHX

  • Swapfest finds

    I attended the Ozaukee county radio club swapfest today in Cedarburg. I hadn't been to a swapfest since AES a few years ago with the club, so I wasn't sure what I would find. I ended up picking up two scopes,two frequ...
    Jake Kremer
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  • Meetings?

    Hey! I'm kinda interested in stopping by a meeting to see what this club entails and everything. How could I find out when you meet?
    Rachael Ferguson
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  • NA Collegiate ARC Championship 2013

    Last weekend the MSOE Amateur Radio Club put MSOE on the map by participating in a North American amateur radio contest.  The object of the contest was to make as many contacts with other amateur radio operators ...
    Richard Phillips
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  • Volunteer Work as a Club

    Over the break, I was at home in Ft. Worth, Texas, where I met up with the Hurst Amateur Radio Club (W5HRC). It was very interesting to see how other ham clubs operate. The club consists of mostly older men, almost al...
    Adam Meek
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  • Cheap HTs

    It was nice to see everyone at the meeting today, it's very cool to have so many new members. Some people expressed interest in the small HT I brought along with me. It is a Baofeng UV-3R. It can be had on Amazon for ...
    Jake Kremer
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