• Extracurriculars

    I was just wondering what some fun extracurricular activities are.  I'm thinking of trying fencing, but I'm not sure of any others.  Any ideas?
    Muffi Kaiser
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  • tutors?

    I'm interested in finding tutors for the fall term. How would I go about signing up for them??
    Martin Guerrero
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  • Laptop program opt out?

    As a business student I kinda feel like the whole laptop program is a scam.  There are really no specific software titles we need compared to other majors and even though business students have a different type o...
    John Wagner
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  • Is there a way to block all content from a particular user?

    While this doesn't happen often, I occasionally find it in my best interest to ignore post from a particular user.  Is there any way in the HUB to hide all content from a given user so that I don't see notificati...
    Chris Taylor
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  • Rader School of Business Opportunities

    Getting a degree from MSOE affords our graduates with a variety of experience and opportunity.  Starting salaries range from $51,224 - $54,825, and our placement rates are very competitive as well.   Wh...
    Seandra Mitchell
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