Mitch Trewyn
Hey everyone!  Just thought I'd stop by while I'm on my lunch break and see how everyone is doing.

Hope all is going well over at MSOE :D
Conner Ryder
Officially a MSOE Raider!!! Class of 2018! Great to join the family!
Gerald Soriano
Met with one of the head guys from NEWaukee this morning and he agreed to give me resources and contacts that I needed. Networking is pretty neat. 
Mitch Trewyn
So I'm writing a paper for class on cryogenics and cryonics.  Has anyone ever heard of it?  It's a touchy subject for some, so I don't wish to start a debate, but it's pretty cool.  If anyone wants to look into it, here's a pretty large cryonics and neuropreservation company in Arizona.
Mitch Trewyn
My first post from the mobile page.  It works great!

Nicholas Jarolimek
How do you find your msoe id number?
Michael Logan
What's the Hub? How does one use the Hub? Can I post on the Hub? 
Cheryl Myers
Loves the rain...
Sarah Rowell
I can't believe Aaron Rodgers is going to be on campus and I'm not going to get to see him. #bummed 
Malyka Joseph
  did a cover letter and a i need that when i go to college?