Lowein Bystrom III

Lowein Bystrom III

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Name: Lowein Bystrom III
User Type: Student
Biography: American, Constitutional Conservative, Free-Market Capitalist, MSOE MechEng Student, Musician, PLUR, Gambler, Gamer, Foodie, Techie, Ignis Aurum Probat
Academic Interest: Mechanical Engineering
Year of Graduation: February 2014
Hometown: River Falls, WI

Other details

Member Since: Sep 9, 2013
Tags: student_organizations outdoor_activities academic_programs community_service_volunteerism milwaukee_life connecting_with_alumni internships_career_services atheletic_teams fitness_exercise living_on_campus making_friends scholarships_financial_aid fraternities_sororities support_services tutoring_mentoring spiritual_religious