Dakota Miller posted 1 year ago
I'm majoring in ME, and I'm interested in making friends with students who enjoy playing guitar/music, basketball, video games as well as outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing & camping. I'm from central Illinois and will not be leaving most weekends. I was involved in FIRST Robotics and many other activities through high school. If you share similar interests, let me know.


  • Mandy Runnalls

    Mandy Runnalls 1 year ago

    Hey Dakota! Don't forget to post this in the Fall 2014 Accepted Student Group as well!
  • Nicole Alexandria Baylon

    Nicole Alexandria Baylon 1 year ago

    I used to play video games all the time, but now I play every now and then. What video games do you like to play?
  • Ethan Brew

    Ethan Brew 1 year ago

    Any music genre you lean toward?  I play bass and am trying to get contacts for the FIRST/VEXU teams.
  • Davinci Wallace

    Davinci Wallace 1 year ago

    If you contact student life, they can tell you who is in charge of our college division of FIRST. 
  • Mark Hasier

    Mark Hasier 1 year ago

    Hey Dakota I game a ton!  I hunt, hike, and camp occasionally.  You enjoying the steam sale?
  • Nick Seidler

    Nick Seidler 1 year ago

    Hi Dakota, There are a number of clubs at MSOE that might seem right up your alley.  We have a gaming club on campus called MAGE that covers everything from video games to board games.  The Student Music Organization (SMO) covers different music interests such as the symphony and choir, while the Sound Engineers is the name of our pep band that plays at sporting events.  A lot of students just meet one another and form bands as well.  The MSOE organization called the X-treme club does fishing, camping, and outdoor activities too!  In the evening of the Friday of the first week of classes MSOE will have a Student Organization Day, where you can walk around the Student Center and meet a lot of different students who are involved in different clubs and find out what they are all about.  It's a great way to see all the stuff you can get involved in!
  • Elizabeth Donohew

    Elizabeth Donohew 1 year ago

    If you want more information on MSOE's FIRST Collegiate Robotics Org, you could contact Brian Scharles, Brandon DuPrey, Gerald Soriano, or Noah Brusky
  • Dakota Miller

    Dakota Miller 1 year ago

    Thanks everyone!
    Nicole: I really like strategy games and some of my favorite games would be Command and Conquer, Borderlands 2, and The Last of Us.
    Ethan: I love classic rock especially 80's rock. I play everything from blues to rock to metal on guitar.
    Mark: I wish I had a PC to game on, but my parents got mad when I downloaded League onto the laptop so I'm pretty much restricted to console gaming right now.