Josiah Yoder
What's one of the things the HUB works for best for you?   Let me start with an example.  I like how the HUB makes organization easy for the MSOE Book Club MSOE Book Club, a group of faculty (and…
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Kayla Grogan
Having a prof cancel a 9am class because he's sick is always nice, but it kind of stinks when you're sick as well :( I hope everyone that caught the bug going around campus is getting enough rest and drinking plenty of fluids. And if you're not sick, make sure to take some preventative measures such as frequently washing your hands!
Denise Gergetz
Happy St. Patrick's Week MSOE!   To celebrate this tradition we have posted a few items from the St. Patrick's Day Celebrations Collection (MSOE AC9) to share some of the week's history.   St.…
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Dustin Chiasson
I have recently run into a small problem with my laptop. It has a tendency to shut itself down after it reaches a certain battery percentage, as if the battery reached its critical point before it…
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Tinamarie Aljazzar
i wish they would leave passwords alone from fall  till summer this is not good  how am i supose to get into my blackboard and my msoe now even my e wont open thanks alot 
Cindy Kotlarek
Many students just open their textbooks and start reading, then wonder why they fall asleep, lose interest or don’t understand what they have read.  Students need to realize that reading demands a…
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Kayla Grogan
Have a big essay looming over your head? I can help you out! Come down to the RCAS Writing Center in CC02; I'm here for the next hour :)
Kayla Grogan
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Have you seen the Featured News section on the Home page?
Launched today, we are excited to bring your stories where they can be shared.  If you have a unique project, awesome internship or fun social activity that you would like to share, contact
So excited to write stories for the new Featured News section on the home page! :)
Kayla Grogan
I'm down in the Raider Center for Academic Success Writing Center in CC02 from now to 1 PM. If you need some help with an essay, make like Bob Barker and COME ON DOWN!
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