Sarah Rowell
I just watched Ex-Machina last night. Whoa. I did not see that end coming. If you want to know what I'm talking about, you can borrow the library's copy. 
Denise Gergetz
Please let us know if you'd be interested in a Hub Book Club.  Vote here:  Would you be interested in a Hub-based book club?
Sandra Mejia
Welcome Week is in 3 weeks! #GetExcited
Sarah Rowell
It can't be August already! I have too many books I need to read yet. What do you say we take a vote and add a couple more weeks to summer? Who's with me?
Kayla Kapp
why is it that nothing is simple with this school?
Adele Becker
What is the recommended Calculator for Engineering Students? 'Cause my TI-83+ is a bit outdated
Caleb Adams
MSOE IT department is worse than useless.  Such a waste of my money.  Why in the world would you completely lock someone out of their account when their password expires?  
Kayla Grogan
I had an amazing time at Summerfest yesterday! I hope everyone finds time to make it out!
Kayla Grogan
I'm now working in the APC with Digital Marketing. Though there is not a lot of natural light, I am loving the exposed brick in the conference room and offices. :)
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